Actress Alyssa Milano Rescues Abused Dog From South KoreaActress Alyssa Milano Rescues Abused Dog From South Korea

In April of last year, California-based rescue organization, The Fuzzy Pet Foundation, received a plea for help from a South Korean animal rescue group, CARE, with a badly abused and neglected Jindo-mix dog.

The dog had been raised and bred many times for South Korea’s dog-meat slaughter industry. She was found tied to a pole, covered in sores and suffering from severe mange. While she was kept close to a dog house, her chain was so short she could not reach it to lay inside. Her young puppies were found nearby, frozen to death and lying in the dirt.

Rescuers from CARE named her Bomi, a Korean word that means “Spring.” After providing veterinary care and offering her the love she deserved, they contacted The Fuzzy Pet Foundation (TFPF) in hopes of giving her a better life.

TFPF worked tirelessly to arrange Bomi’s transport from South Korea to Los Angeles, but needed funding to make the rescue possible.

Upon hearing about Bomi and the efforts to save her, actress and animal lover, Alyssa Milano – who has 10 rescue horses and 4 rescued dogs of her own – generously funded the rescue mission, the flight to LA, and made sure she received the very best veterinary care possible.

“She’s in a foster home, she’s completely cleaned up, all of her skin infections are gone, she’s happy, she has doggy playdates, and she gets along with everyone,” Milano said. “It’s pretty miraculous!”

Check out Bomi’s amazing transformation in this touching video:

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