Big Bang Theory! Pump Up Your Volume With This Hair Tutorial for Big BangsBig Bang Theory! Pump Up Your Volume With This Hair Tutorial for Big Bangs


Yet another hairstyle to try if your mane ever starts looking like this…

LOL! (Note to self: call the salon first thing tomorrow morning. For realz!!)

I wore this big bang hairstyle last week for the Xenia Onatopp Bond Girls look, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine to keep my shaggy mop in line. It’s a little bit Joan Cusack in Working Girl, with some Marge Simpson and a dash of rock ‘n roll, and best of all, it’s pretty easy to do — 10 minutes, tops.

Maybe you’re growing out your bangs. Maybe you’re neglecting your long layers. Or maybe you’re just in the mood for something kind of casual and messy to wear to a concert or a club. Whichever the case, try big bangs. 🙂

For this style, I start by sectioning off my bangs and spraying my roots with a lightweight hairspray. Right now I’m loving Suave Touchable Finish because it doesn’t flake or leave my hair uber-crunchy. Plus, it’s only $3.

Next, I aim a hairdryer at my roots to get things moving along. It usually only takes about 10-20 seconds for the hairspray to fully stiffen.

Then, I start building some volume at the roots…

I couldn’t find my teasing comb today, so I improvised with a boar’s hair brush. The stiff, dense bristles tease the heck out of hair, and they’re great for adding lots of lift.

Now it’s construction time. I start shaping the bangs, BIG, gathering them and kinda pushing them up in the back.

Then I secure them in place using several bobby pins.

Here, to keep the bangs from falling and to reinforce the structure, I spray them with a little more hairspray, aim the hairdryer set on low at them for a few seconds to speed the drying process, and then repeat a couple of times until they’re stiff (but not too stiff).

It’s a little messy in the back, but I kinda like that.

Sometimes, when I just want basic big bangs, I’ll stop at this step here…

…but today I’m gonna keep going!! 🙂

For a more dramatic effect like the Xenia Onatopp tutorial, I tease the ends of hair that frame my face, and spray them with some hairspray.

Then, to get a slick, smooth look on the sides, I comb the hair back with my hairbrush, and pin everything into place with more bobby pins.

Seen from the side, there’s a good amount of volume in the back… Almost looks a little like a faux-hawk.

Yup, it’s a little messy, but I think that’s one of the cool things about it. Keeps it casual and rebellious.


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