Miley Cyrus, Please Don’t Stop Tweeting (We’d Miss Your Dogs!)Miley Cyrus, Please Don’t Stop Tweeting (We’d Miss Your Dogs!)


Arguably Hollywood’s most famous dog lover, singer, actress, and former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus could (once again!) be closing her Twitter account, leaving nearly 10 million followers without their daily Miley-fix.

Just one of countless photos Miley has Tweeted of her adorable dog, Lila. The caption read, “Lila having her morning Starbyyyyys!” Photo courtesy of Miley Cyrus

So, why is The Dogington Post concerned?

Because we absolutely LOVE her dogs and the attention that she brings to dog adoption and rescue.

So far, Miley has rescued 5 dogs that would otherwise be homeless or sitting in shelters. Lila, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier is the oldest member of the Cyrus pack. Floyd, an Alaskan Klee Kai (or miniature Husky) was second to join the brood and is quite often Miley’s jogging partner. Ziggy, an adorable English Bulldog was a gift to fiance Liam Hemsworth. Happy is a tiny Rottweiler/Beagle mix that Miley found left in a box and abandoned outside of her local Walmart. And Mary Jane, the largest dog in the family, was adopted from a shelter near Miley’s Hollywood home.

Last week was rescue pup, Mary Jane’s birthday. Miley Tweeted, “Happy 2nd Birffffffdayyyy Mary Jane ❤❤❤” Photo courtesy Miley Cyrus.

Miley’s fiance, Liam Hemsworth (who doesn’t have a Twitter account himself) is reportedly pressuring the actress to close her Twitter account after she revealed details of their personal life with fans. But, Miley’s willingness to share her thoughts and open her life to fans is a large part of what makes her so likeable!

Ziggy and Floyd were Tweeted with the caption, “Beauty & The Beast.” (If you ask us, they’re both beauties!) Photo credit Miley Cyrus.

Especially when she opens her doors and lets us in to meet her adorable dogs!


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